Hotel Le MERIDIEN, Pune

10th January 2015


Who Should Attend:

If you are in charge or are involved in improving production, productivity, effectiveness, supply chain or quality in your organization, then we believe this is a very good opportunity for you to witness the application, effectiveness and benefits of Simulation. This is your profession's main event and we would be more than happy to reserve a seat for you:

  • Vice presidents.
  • Directors.
  • Managers of manufacturing, engineering and store operations.
  • Project managers.
  • Lean managers.
  • Production managers.
  • Six Sigma leaders.
  • Industrial engineers.
  • Systems engineers.
  • Manufacturing engineers.
  • Management engineers.
  • Safety engineers.
  • Project engineers.
  • Business consultants.
  • Quality professionals.
  • Deans, HOD’s, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, doctoral candidates, research scientists and research assistants.
  • Students.
  • Ergonomists.
  • Health care management engineers.
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