Hotel Le MERIDIEN, Pune

10th January 2015


Key Speech Topics


'Does Simulation Stimulate Supply Chain?'  – Mr. Alvis Lazarus

Supply chain model and structure, SC Models - Ecommerce, FMCG, Automotive etc. What makes Supply chain management challenging and exciting? What is the role of simulation in overcoming key challenges faced by supply chain professionals?

'Highly Automated Automotive Chassis Manufacturing line for A global vehicle platform' – Dr. Dhananjay Kumar

With increasing global competition, quality cost & delivery are three important consideration and highly automated, flexible, robust and accurate manufacturing process is the answer for large variation of models on the same platform. KLT being a world class Chassis manufacturing company and system supplier for many global OEMs, has developed one such manufacturing line in S Africa for Ford Ranger which has not only constantly produced high quality product with large variation consistently in last 3 years but our platform has been adjudged the best vehicle in this category the world over ranging from Asia-Pacific-S Africa to European Union & S America.

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