Hotel Le MERIDIEN, Pune

10th January 2015



Conference Program Details

The conference consists of keynote presentations, special focused tracks and parallel sessions. The exhibition area includes some of the latest developments in simulation software tools.

We invite papers and proposals for sessions in the broad area of simulation modeling and analysis of complex systems.

Topics include:

Simulation Modeling and Analysis

  • Agent based simulation
  • Discrete event and Continuous time simulation
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Stochastic simulations and approximations (as 4th point)
  • System dynamics simulation
  • Web-based / Distributed / Grid simulation
  • Hybrid simulation methods
  • Simulation and decision making
  • Simulation and artificial intelligence
  • Human performance modeling
  • Random number and random variate generation
  • Modeling simulation inputs
  • Model verification and validation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Design of simulation experiments
  • Metamodelling and regression
  • Simulation optimization

Simulation in Practice

  • Simulation in Manufacturing
  • Simulation in Services
  • Simulation in Supply Chain
  • Simulation in Healthcare
  • Simulation in Finance
  • Simulation in Energy and Environment
  • Simulation of Social Systems
  • Other general applications of simulation
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