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10th January 2015



ISCI 2013 was held from 21st – 23rd February 2013 at the state of the art IIT-M Research Park at Indian Institute of Technology Chennai(IIT), Madras.

The conference consisted of keynote presentations, special focused tracks and parallel sessions. The exhibition area included some of the leading companies in simulation services and software industry.

Technical/research papers and industry case study presentations were invited for sessions in the area of simulation modeling and analysis of complex systems.

  • There were 3 booths at the conference sponsored by Simulation Software Vendors and Simulation Service Providers
  • The conference had participation from 15 Industries across India
  • The conference had participation from premiere 9 Universities / Colleges across India
  • In all 37 technical papers were presented
  • There were in all 5 interesting and informative Keynote Speeches from experts in the area of Simulation from India and USA
  • A very involving and detailed panel discussion took place between the Simulation Experts and attendees.
  • Total attendance at the conference was approximately 105
  • Positive and encouraging feedback received from all attendees


Topics Included
Simulation Modeling and Analysis Simulation in Practice
Agent based simulation Simulation in Manufacturing
Discrete event and Continuous time simulation Simulation in Services
Monte Carlo simulation Simulation in Supply Chain
Stochastic simulations and approximations Simulation in Healthcare
System dynamics simulation Simulation in Finance
Web-based / Distributed / Grid simulation Simulation in Energy and Environment
Hybrid simulation methods Simulation of Social Systems
Simulation and decision making Other general applications of simulation
Simulation and artificial intelligence  
Human performance modeling  
Random number and random variate generation  
Modeling simulation inputs  
Model verification and validation  
Sensitivity analysis  
Design of simulation experiments  
Meta modelling and regression  
Simulation optimization  
Keynote Topics

Sheldon Bailiff - Sr. Director, Supply Chain Solutions

(Topic: Simulation as a Differentiator in a 3PL Environment)


Sanjay Upendram  - CEO & Co-Founder, Amarthi Consulting

(Topic: The role of simulation in Strategic Business Decision Making)


Dr. Jayendran Venkateswaran  – Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay

(Topic: Hybrid Simulation and Optimization Approaches)


Dr.Chandrasekharan Rajendran - Professor IIT, Madras

(Topic: Simulation Optimization : An Introduction)


Dr. Raman K. Nurani Vice President, Algorithm Research

(Topic: The Role of Simulation in Semiconductor Industry)


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ISCI 2013 Conference Schedule
ISCI-2013 Schedule Download
Exhibits Program 2013

The exhibition area included some of the latest developments in simulation software tools. Interaction with Simulation Experts, Simulation Practitioners and Researchers from Leading Industries as well as Leading Academic Institutions was done.


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Conference Committee 2013

Conference Chairs:

  1. Dr. Srinivasan G - Conference Co-Chair
         Professor and Head, IIT Madras
  2. Dr. Usha Mohan - Conference Chair
        Assistant Professor, IIT Madras
  3. Dr. Rahul R. Marathe - Marketing Chair (Academia)
        Assistant Professor, IIT Madras
  4. Dr. Jayendran Venkateswaran - Program Chair
        Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay
  5. Dr. Amit R K - Local Committee Chair
        Assistant Professor, IIT Madras
  6. Mr. Ravi Lote - Conference Chair
        Global Operations Manager, PMC, USA
  7. Mr. Sandeep Soni - Marketing Chair
        Business Development Manager, PMI, Nagpur
Key Note Speakers 2013
  1. Sheldon Bailiff, Supply Chain Solutions, Sr. Director
  2. Sanjay Upendram, Amarthi Consulting, CEO & Co-Founder
  3. Dr. Jayendran Venkateswaran, Assistant Professor IIT Bombay
  4. Dr. Chandrasekharan Rajendran, Professor IIT Madras
  5. Dr. Raman K. Nurani, Vice President, Algorithm Research
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