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10th January 2015


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 2/4/2014 3:10 PM
 Modified By Sagar_Ratti  on 2/5/2014 12:51:38 AM

Lets drop in ideas and our expectations from ISCI 2015 coming up next year.This would help the organizing committee to drive in the conference to our expectations.
So what ever comes in our mind lets drop our ideas in this thread.
Ideas can be anything, it can be related to feedback from past experiences at ISCI, or it may be increasing the number of paper presentations,it can be increasing the number of papers covering service sector or from academia,it can be any random thing which we feel should be there in ISCI 2015.

So lets contribute to take ISCI to the next level
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 2/6/2014 12:39 AM
Sagar, it is very thoughtful move to start this thread. I believe this forum can be used as a platform to collect suggestions from all the pervious participants and I am sure their valuable contribution will help make ISCI 2015 an even better experience for one and all.

I would kick start this process and my suggestion to the organizing committee would be:

To take ISCI to a larger audience.

I feel not everyone is well informed about this conference. The organizing committee has to use print media and other means of advertisement to spread awareness about ISCI in India and around the world.

Doing this will increase participation and hence there will be more paper presentations and seminars by people from various fields and backgrounds. I am sure this will make ISCI 2015 more interesting and something to look up to as it will be an unique platform for all these like minded people to interact with each other which would otherwise not be possible.

This is just my thought. Any feedback or suggestions on the same is welcome.

Thank you.
All the best for ISCI 2015!
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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsISCI 2014ISCI 2014Expectations from ISCI 2015Expectations from ISCI 2015

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